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The Holistic Natural Therapy utilises the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory and the triggering function of the high-tech health device that promotes effective circulation and natural health.  It assesses a person’s health through a comprehensive assessment which looks into the Eight factors that affect a person’s health.  The detailed analysis allows a personalised recommendation plan to be introduce which does not need the use of injection, medication, surgery and without pain.  The therapy which uses the high-tech health device is safe, eco-friendly, non-toxic, convenient and with no side effect and other nutritional advice.

Eight Health Factors“: Uses the Traditional Chinese Medicine, “Observation-Listening-Inquiry-Decision” technique in assessing customer’s personalized health assessment.

  1. Gender: In TCM, men and women are classified into “ying” and “yang”, emphasizing the physiological difference between men and women, thus health issues under the same condition will also be different. With regards to this, health therapy for the different gender will also be different.
  2. Age: Human health and age are inextricably linked because with increasing age, the cells of various organs of the body were affected by different factors (waste, pollution, irritation, environment, etc.) leading to damage and degeneration. Tissue metabolism will increase with age changes. Therefore, it is important to determine the actual condition in order for a more accurate diagnostic assessment.
  3. Personality: A person’s personality influence on healthy is a critical consideration. This is because different living environment of people, will lead to influence in a person’s emotions which can affect the person’s health and recovery drastically.
  4. Dietary Habit: Our Health are affected by the habitat we grew in. Local crops consumed during its seasonal period is the best. Our body adapt to the environment we grew in, thus it is beneficial for man to live in the natural environment we grew up and with proper routine. On the contrary, eating foods that are not local or produce unnaturally will affect our health.
  5. Living Environment: The environment we live in has a crucial impact on our health. The degree of care you received, education, financial status, religious belief, etc. can affect a person’s health and sometimes more than medicine. The emotional experiences of warmth, harmonious living, happiness, sadness, struggle and suffering we get from various situation can affect our health considerably, especially the Mental health which will also affect our Physical health.
  6. Body Status: Before embarking on the Holistic Natural Therapy, understanding the client’s body status is important too. Whether the client has the ability to self-care during the recuperation phase, severity of symptoms and other factors are all important consideration we need to take note.
  7. Preferred Method Used By Client: Everyone will develop a certain preference on the type of treatment due to the environment they lived. Some will prefer “Western Medicine” while others might prefer “Traditional Chinese Medicine”, the health products used and also how the acceptable treatment for Chronic illnesses. The accumulative effects on the client’s body is also a consideration we need to have in coming out with a personalised Holistic Natural Therapy.
  8. Scientific Assessment: Scientific assessment is critical for us to understand the severity of the client’s Physical health issue more accurately. The precise location of the discomfort and unnatural growth in the body, its size and how long it was discovered can all be confirmed through Scientific assessment, and allow a much faster recommendation on the personalised Holistic Natural Therapy to adopt.

The above mentioned – “Eight Health Factors” allow us to create a personalized “ Cleanse-Adjust-Complement-Rejuvenate ” Holistic Natural Therapy since everybody’s physical condition is unique.

Our Therapy Process