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HH-12X is a multifunction Health therapeutic apparatus researched & developed based on principles of Physics, ionic, bio-electrical and Traditional Chinese Medicine theories.  It took “HongJie” eight years of study and evaluation of products from different countries and constant improvements with many clinical applications and practical experiences to develop the HH-12X.  Compared with other similar products,“HH-12X” possess advantages both in functions and features.  In addition, by adjusting the charging current and frequency, it can vary different types of pleasant feelings liken to acupuncture / moxa / slapping / massage.  The current HH-12X has 12 pairs of pads which is the only one in the world.

As society develops and public health needs increases, the health industry demands also increases with a need for a whole array of Preventive, Medical and Alternative approaches towards building a healthy body.  People will always prefer a non-invasive and safe therapy to improve their health rather than injecting chemicals, or taking medicine and surgery.  If there is a way to adjust people’s health safe, environmental proactive, efficiently conveniently and wide applicable without any pain.

Our clients have experienced the amazing “healing” power of the HH-12X.  One 12 years old girl who was hospitalised for more than a month because she suddenly could not walk, and through only one session with this device, the next morning she could walk.  Our clients who have another illness have also experience how this device “healed” them.  Actually, what this device does is only unblock any blockages and improve circulation, and the body once is in the right condition, it will automatically function as normal.

It has the following characteristics :

  • High-Tech; able to simulate various types of pleasant feelings liken to acupuncture / moxa / slapping / massage.; altogether 6 settings to adjust
  • Safe; Output voltage is only 6.5 V
  • Non-Toxic and No Side Effects
  • User-friendly; easy to operate, however it is important to place the pads at the right location for effectiveness
  • Fast Effect; able to see results of the therapeutic effect fast!
  • Environmental Friendly; it does not produce any pollution or affect the environment negatively

Healthy Nutrition

We have sourced out the best quality and healthy nutritional products to help you have the right and healthy diet to sustain your health.