Holistic Natural Therapy

In order to effectively sustain human life, there are two critical considerations: the “Qi” and “Blood”; each is intertwined thus whenever they are affected negatively, we will experience physical discomfort or health issue. Apart from our body’s natural ageing process, we need to use natural and correct way to determine the health problems and solve them to sustain life.  However, everyone has a different living environment, a different understanding of health, and the life-sustaining method used is also different. Thus this will lead to different results for our life’s journey.  Therefore, to maintain good health, we should use the “3Flows-1Calm” approach: “Qi, blood circulation and the Meridians all flowing correctly, and emotional stability.”

Hongjie’s Holistic Natural Health Therapy is based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory as the basis and integrated with Hongjie self-developed multi-functional health treatment instrument which is a modern high-tech biomagnetic instrument capable of emulating various effects to “unblocked” the “Qi” to flow thus allowing circulation and good health. Hongjie also uses her self-developed “Eight-Factors” Health Diagnostic Framework to assess health issue through “look, smell, questioning and determining”, so that a personalized health adjustment recommendation can be given.  Then the natural methods consisting of “Clear, Tune-up, Complement, Support” were introduced; avoiding taking medicine, injection, and operation which can bring pain to the client. The Holistic Natural Health therapy is a safe therapy with no side-effect, painless, easy to implement, quick in seeing results, and environmental friendly.  It is a unique and novel therapy ever developed here in Singapore!

The Company is engaged in the health service for more than ten years and has served more than six thousand people.  In addition to the normal health adjustment, we have also helped clients who suffered from serious illnesses but Western medical treatment has found to be ineffective with them. Through the Holistic Natural Therapy, we have helped them get back to healthy state.  For example; all kinds of advanced cancer that were diagnosed through Western medicine approaches, Kidney dialysis, stroke, diabetes, heart-related illnesses including those who undergone bypass surgery and needed a pacemaker, uterine fibroids, severe skin disease, skeletal problems plus many other different types of illnesses.

After over 10 years of helping clients and continuous learning, Hongjie’s Holistic Natural Therapy summarized the factors affecting health so that effective health adjustment can be implemented. We are glad to bring back health and joy to many families and corrected various misleading knowledge concerning health.

The company has been constantly learning and improving to help even more people. REVITALIFES (Regain Health) brand adopted quality governance in its operation.  We have conducted independent research and development of the multi-functional health-adjusted treatment equipment, and getting it protected through the Intellectual property law.  Currently, the second-generation equipment will soon be ready for use after the recent upgrading and improvement in the design. In 2015, the company passed the ISO9001: 2008 international quality management system certification, and we have also implemented the Singapore government approved MyHealth Client management system in the recording of our client cases.  We have also attained the various approval certifications required by the Government of Singapore, and paving the company towards standardisation for scalability as its foundation to create integrated services, testing, health adjustment, product distribution, and health food service.


The HH-12X

Our own developed
High Tech Health Equipment


For more than 8 years, we researched & developed this Health Equipment which usage is based on the principles of Physics, Bio-electricity and Traditional Chinese Medicine.
The HH-12X has advantages in both its features and functionality unlike other related machines, producing a wide range of simulated therapy like acupuncture, moxa, Pai-da, massage by adjusting the electrical current and frequency.
Our system is the only one in the world which comes with 12 pairs of pads and we are in the process of developing the 32 pairs pads machine.
You will surely experience its effectiveness even in the first session!


Eradicate wrong information concerning health is important as the wrong methods will cause devastating results. With the Health assessment, a personalised therapy will be designed with the initial focus on clearing out unwanted {cbt-quote}rubbish{cbt-quote} from your various body systems and your blood.


After the body is cleansed, we use our own developed Health Equipment to trigger the body cells and promote better circulation of the blood, {cbt-quote}qi{cbt-quote} and meridians. The {cbt-quote}body highways{cbt-quote} need to be cleared for nutrients to flow!


Once cleanse and circulation improves, it is vital to replenish the body with the nutrients that it lacks. Don't be con by advertisement promoting expensive and rare products.


Based on the Body condition, a personalised programme will be recommended and it is through adhering to the programme that you will restore your body health!

We have put together a whole range of products and services to help our clients restore their health.  Our Nutritional Food category has a wide range of food products which our clients have asked us to source which is non-GMO good quality products from trusted suppliers.  We have also selected supplements which promote body cells restoration.

Our other services include the Full body steam SPA therapy, Herbal Foot Therapy and Infra Red Therapy, just to name a few based on your health issues.

There are various types of Enzymes that were meant for different purposes.  Thus we will assess our client’s health condition and recommend the suitable Enzymes from our series which can either be in fluid or powder form.

‌We have developed the world number one Health Adjustment Equipment which currently has 12 pairs of pads that can actuate adjustable voltage and frequencies to compliment with your body, to clear blockages and promote effective circulation of the blood, “Qi” and Meridian.  Call for an appointment to try!  Our clients have all shared about the improvement this therapy have achieved for them!

Due to our busyness and poor eating habits or the blockages in our body, many of us lack the required nutrients that our body needs.  Thus it is vital to take the suitable food which will provide the necessary nutrients.  We have a series of quality non-GMO food products to ease the hassle of searching for the right quality products.  We can also teach you simple way of preparation.

After you have replenished what is needed by your body, it is important to maintain your body’s restore condition.  It is the same principle that you need to empty your trash daily to prevent insects and smells.  Building a healthy lifestyle and nourishing it is the key to a healthy body!

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Why Choose Us?

  • We have numerous testimonials of successful cases

  • Non-Invasive : No injection, Chemical Medicine or surgery and non-contagious

  • Able to improve the immune system to restore health to the body

  • Adopting Natural Healing principles to restore your health!

  • Able to see results fast!