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Clean up the wrong idea, clean up the wrong behavior。
Correct the idea and correct the behavior to achieve balance
To supplement the balance of the body

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18-12-2018 by 【RevitaLifes】
Through the assessment and analysis of the " eight health factors", Hongjie achieves the health goal of " three cleans and one leveling" with the method of " recuperating, recuperating and nourishing" and spreads it to more friends in need of health in a simpler and easier-to-understand way.
15-12-2018 by 【RevitaLifes】
Hongjie insists on opening the door to cooperation with aspiring people in the fields of personalized " health monitoring", high-tech " applied health", " reasonable and healthy diet" and " traditional Chinese medicine".


The company team, chaired by Red Sister, is subordinate to marketing, enterprise planning, IT, health education, health adjustment and other departments. Unity and cooperation, courage to innovate, positive progress, and repeated achievements. Many honors have been won in China, Singapore and other places.

  • 公司商标注册、“RevitaLifes重获健康”公司品牌注册组合、“红姐”头像、用于产品的“CLEANSE”产品。Company trademark registration, "Revita Lifes regain health" company brand registration portfolio, "Red Sister" avatar, for products of "CLEANSE" products.

  • “HH-12X”多功能保健治疗仪、高科技水机系列、系列酵素、自然植物系列。"HH-12X" multi-functional health treatment instrument, high-tech water machine series, series of enzymes, natural plant series.

  • 【影响健康的八大因素】

    Sex, age, personality, eating habits, physical condition, living environment, health adjustment method and scientific test


    Clear away wrong ideas, wrong behaviors and garbage in the body. Correct the idea, correct the behavior and achieve balance. To supplement the balance of the body


    Qi, blood, vein and mentality are stable