Holistic Natural Therapy.

【Holistic Natural Therapy】

" Hong Jie" summarized the valuable experience accumulated in health services and for the first time put forward a " Holistic Natural Therapy" with unique views, characterized by " personalized" health adjustment. Combining traditional Chinese medicine theory, nutrition medicine and health medicine. It puts forward the theory of " individuation", " eight factors affecting health" health assessment, " clearing, regulating, supplementing and nourishing" and finally " three links and one leveling" for health. Help friends with health needs to recover their health. The application of " Holistic Natural Therapy" has significantly improved the health level of customers. Even for some so-called " difficult and complicated diseases" that were finally abandoned by western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine treatment, it also has a good recovery effect.

【About Hong Jie】
  • Founder of Holistic Natural Therapy
  • Since 2002, more than 6000 customers in 18 countries have received " Holistic Natural Therapy"
  • Received more than 20 Recognitions
  • 【Approach to Therapy 】
    • Eight factors affecting health
    • C.A.S.H (清调补养)
    • Three Smooth Circulation and Balance(三通一平)

    The eight major factors affecting health.

    Traditional Chinese medicine regards " men" and " women" as " yin" and " yang". Emphasize the occurrence of health problems, even in the state of seemingly identical appearance, because of the difference in the physiological structure between men and women, the root-seeking will come from different reasons. Therefore, different methods are needed in health adjustment and maintenance.

    The health of the human body is closely related to age. The reason is that with the increase of age, cells in various organs of the body will be affected by different factors ( such as garbage, pollution, stimulation, the outside world, etc. ), resulting in damage and aging. Similarly, cell tissue also changes metabolism with age. Therefore, health status should be determined and confirmed according to different age status.

    The influence of human character on health is crucial. People in different times and environments will lead to changes in people's emotions, which will also lead to different harms to health. Different emotions also play a very important role in the process of health adjustment and recovery.

    One side keeps the other side. Growing up in different places, local and timely food is most suitable for local people. People are closely related to their natural environment. That is, to conform to the nature and live in the natural environment. Maintaining the inherent local eating habits and adhering to a regular life will be of great help to health. On the contrary, eating foreign and non-natural foods and not eating according to the natural rules of physiological organs will have adverse effects on health.

    Human beings are affected by the living environment for life. Among them, the degree of concern, cultural education, economic status and religious belief have a far greater impact on a person's health than modern medicine does. People grow up in a warm, harmonious and happy environment, or live in an environment of desire, sadness, struggle and pain, resulting in a very big difference in their physical health ( especially in their hearts ).

    Before the health adjustment, it is of great significance to analyze and judge the customer's physical status for the implementation of the health adjustment plan. These factors include whether the customer has the ability to take care of himself or not, the duration of the disease and the severity of the symptoms, which is the basic link to correctly give a health adjustment plan.

    Influenced by living environment and living conditions, people will adopt different treatment methods when they have health problems. For example, look at " western medicine", look at " traditional Chinese medicine", trust " folk prescription", use " health care products" or even " ignore diseases" and so on. Different approaches will directly affect the degree of damage to human cells. Therefore, the method of health adjustment will also be different.

    Collecting customer health data through scientific inspection is an important method to judge the health level of customers or the degree of existing problems. It can accurately describe the parts of the body that are uncomfortable. In particular, the shape, position and size of foreign objects can be judged and processed more accurately and quickly through scientific inspection of data.


    The first is to clear error messages from different environments. The wrong way of thinking is not " positive energy". Then, according to the state of health, the "comprehensive therapy" will be used to remove the " viscera and organs" and " blood" that are not needed by the body and are harmful to health.

    Adjust the wrong way of thinking and wrong practices. Use " comprehensive therapy" to adjust the body. The use of comprehensive therapeutic equipment, the use of human bioelectricity and biological magnetism combined with physical magnetism and electricity to work together. To activate cells, add energy to cells, forcibly separate adherent cells, forcibly and orderly move cells, and effectively achieve the goal of " activating the essence and activating the collaterals". The purpose of health adjustment is achieved when there is no blood stasis and blood flow is smooth.

    According to each person's health status, supplement the " lack of body" and " real need for personal health". It's not " good" or " expensive" or " propaganda" that can cure all kinds of diseases.

    According to each person's physical health condition, a set of " life rules" suitable for his health is worked out. Moreover, insist. This is the real " raise".


    【Energy System】

    "Qi" is a necessary substance for life. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that "Qi movement leads to blood movement and qi stagnation leads to blood stasis". Keep enough "Qi" running in the body to promote blood circulation throughout the body. If people do not have the source of gas and the function of exchanging gas, they will not have life. If the body's air movement is not smooth, the body's organs will also show symptoms of discomfort. Only gas, people feel comfortable;

    【Blood Circulation】

    " Blood" is an indispensable substance in human life. Because life starts from the embryo, other organs have blood circulation before the differentiation is completed, and based on this, life is achieved and accompanied for a lifetime, and the life of stopping circulation is terminated. Without blood, there would be no life. If the blood is insufficient, the normal operation of tissues and organs will not be maintained. If the blood circulation is not smooth, it will also cause damage to body organs and tissues. Usually we need to keep the blood clean and enough blood to run orderly in the body to maintain life and health.

    【Meridian System】

    The Meridian is a noun of traditional Chinese medicine. That is, there are 14 lines running through the human body and distributed in different areas of the human body ( head, body and limbs ). It is a substance contained in the blood vessels of the human body. If one's life ends, there will be no " thread" of thought. Usually referred to as " blood vessel". Experience: The general rule of " blood vessel" does not hurt, but pain does not. Keeping the " vein" unobstructed, people will not suffer, and their behavior will be normal

    【Mental Stability】

    Traditional Chinese medicine believes that people's emotions are divided into anger, joy, thought, sorrow, sadness, fear and surprise, which is called " seven emotions". Health adjustment is to improve the health status through " clearing, regulating, supplementing and nourishing" to promote the stable mood of customers. By maintaining the normal operation of qi and blood, the vein maintains the normal function of the body, balances the various organs of the body, and enables the tissues and organs to play their normal functions. To improve one's physical discomfort. Let the customer - regain health!


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    【Product Profile Introduction】
    【Product Profile Introduction】

    Hongjie Health Academy.

    Hongjie Health Academy is based on traditional medicine. Developing a training organization focusing on culture, health, wealth and trinity based on the " eight health effects" as the detection basis, Hongjie's original " comprehensive treatment of nature and health" method of adjusting human health to achieve the " three links and one leveling" of human health.