Win-Win Partnership With Hai Hua International Pte Ltd

We have a series of comprehensive Revitalifes Business Development proposals suitable for any commercial institutions, educational institutions, health organisations, medical institutions in the health industry. Together, we can enjoy the success and joy by propagating our holistic health and well-being concepts and methodologies to more people! Feel free to contact us for a win-win collaboration.

Collaboration Framework

Based in Singapore, Hong Jie is always looking forward to fulfil the health demands and needs locally and globally. Depending on the collaboration, Hong Jie is able to provide financial, technological, human resources, medical and educational supports, so as to create a win-win collaboration.
Education institutes represent very good collaboration opportunities with us. We can provide the necessary assessment, including technological, medical and remote/online learning supports. Collectively, we can create enriching awareness to mass public on holistic health care and well-being.

Commerical Entities

We can take full care of health management areas. Possible collaboration models : 【1】Fully managed by Hai Hua. 【2】Collaboration between both parties. 【3】Ad-hoc collaboration.
Consideration for co-shareholding. Possible collaboration models : 【1】Technical and financial investment. 【2】Standalone technical/administrative support. 【3】Equipment and resources investment.
Consideration for co-shareholding and/or management. Possible collaboration models : 【1】Co-shareholding. 【2】Full acquisition. 【3】Major shareholding.


Know The Team

Li Hong

Li Hong


In charge of industry partnership, business development, training directives and corporate decision making.

Zhuang JinHua

Zhuang JinHua

Health Consultant

In charge of health monitoring and assessment methodology. Providing "personalised" health assessment and design/specifications of electronic health products.

 Hu WenShi

Hu WenShi

Technical R&D

In charge R&D, testing and intellectual protection of electronic health products and equipment.