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Since 2002, over 6000 customers in more than 18 countries have received the "Natural Health Hybrid Therapy". More than 200 health seminars have been conducted in Singapore and abroad with over 20 awards bestowed.

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Many people have regained their health with Hong Jie's Natural Health Hybrid Therapy!
Hong Jie sharing her extensive health knowledge to the public via seminars and workshops.
Hong Jie on how "pain" can be a good indicator to pre-warn us on potential health issues.
Enhancing your health with Hong Jie's CASH (Cleanse, Adjust, Supplement, Health) products.
Revitalifes courses, seminars and workshops are SkillsFuture enabled.
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Hybrid Therapy
Promoting chinese health culture and advocating a healthy lifestyle with natural health hybrid therapy.
Outstanding Results
Excellent recovery results even for those so-called "intractable" diseases.
Personalised Analysis
Uniquely personalised health adjustment based on chinese medicine theory, nutritional and health medicine.
CASH Methodoloy
Using Cleanse, Adjust, Supplement & Health approach for effective health improvement.
Health Factors Centric
Providing comprehensive health analysis and assessment based on the "Eight Main Factors Affecting Health".
EBMM Approach
Based on Energy, Blood Circulation, Meridian & Mental Stability concept, many have achieved health recovery!
Win Win Partnership With Hai Hua International Pte Ltd
Welcome! Feel free to contact us for a win-win collaboration. We have a series of comprehensive Revitalifes Business Development proposals suitable for any commercial institutions, educational institutions, health organisations, medical institutions in the health industry. Together, we can enjoy the success and joy by propagating our holistic health and well-being concepts and methodologies to more people!




Welcome to Revitalifes Blog ... here we'll feature all the information related to natural health and alternative remedies .. let's regain our health!

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